​From acting as a liaison between buyer and seller, to ring service, pedigree announcement and auctioneering, Frey Livestock Sales & Service, Inc. team members have provided numerous forms of sale consulting to past and current clients. Contact us to see how we can be of service to you.

We are here to help market your purebred and commercial cattle - individuals, small or large groups, whole herds

We Have A Solution For All Your Livestock Sales and Service Needs


​​Frey Livestock Sales & Service, Inc. brings a lifetime of knowledge in the livestock industry and over 47 years of production sale experience to our clients. Our team has assembled catalogs, provided consulting on sale orders, offered breeding recommendations and placed thousands of cattle with buyers from across the United States. Ask us how we can be of service for your next sale.


​We offer more than just livestock marketing services, from semen sales and custom AI services, to livestock photography and insurance, even auctioneering and nutritional consulting.  Frey Livestock Sales & Service is a multifaceted company, helping you improve your program from conception to the rail.  We take pride in helping you move forward any way that we can.

More Than Just Livestock Sales and Service...

Frey Livestock Sales & Service, Inc. takes a genuine interest in the success of our friends and clients. We commit to give you our honest assessments and opinions on matters concerning your livelihood – whether you agree with our position or not. We welcome your questions and look forward to assisting you in any way we can.


​Northern Livestock Video Auction is the original video auction with over 30 years of experience in the marketplace. Only those with excellent qualifications and market knowledge are chosen as representatives for Northern Livestock Video. Frey Livestock Sales & Service, Inc. is proud to be included among this group of industry experts – ask us how we can help your feeder cattle or bred stock bring the most they can when you go to market.